Welcome, our successful treatments have helped more than 8,500 clients over the last 11 years to stop drinking or using drugs and due to our success we have received more verified client testimonials than any other treatment centre or method in the U.K.

Treatment takes just 2 hours per day for 1 to 10 days depending on the substance and amount consumed. Our therapy is quick, painless and produces instant results.

Most people don't want counselling, talking therapies, rehab or medications they just want quick, successful and affordable treatment with real results.

6 UK Treatment Centres:

  • Dorset - Poole
  • Central London
  • Greater Manchester
  • North Yorkshire - Bedale
  • North East - Durham
  • Scotland - Inverness
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Verified Testimonials
We are the only treatment centres in the U.K. to have their client feedback verified. Our testimonials are 100% real and genuine and and have been checked and verified by 2 independent solicitors. Click here to read more.

Since 2005 we have been helping our clients to:

  • Stop Drinking
  • Stop Cocaine Use
  • Stop Drug Use
  • Stop Prescribed Meds
  • New PTSD & Stress
We Can Help:

Stop Drinking Alcohol
Stop drinking and change your drinking habits. The majority of our clients are just ordinary people concerned that they are drinking too much in the evenings or at weekends & want to stop. Suitable for all types of drinkers...

Fast, Effective Results from £295.00...

Stop Cocaine or Stop Crack Use
The only instant treatment to help stop Cocaine or Crack use and turn lives around. Fast, effective treatment help...

Stop Cocaine Use Quickly from £295.00...

Rehab Alternative - Alcohol + Support
If you have a more serious alcohol problem and are considering an expensive residential stay, we can help you stop drinking and also provide effective ongoing support...

Alternative Rehab Option from £1,770.00...

Stop Drug Use - Painless Detox Process
Help to Stop Daily Dependency for: - Heroin, Heroin Substitutes and any other drugs. Feel fit & well again without withdrawals...

Painless Opiate Detox from £1,495.00...

Stop Prescribed Medications
Help to Stop Daily Dependency for over the counter or prescribed medications: Painkillers, Sleeping Pills, Anti-Depressants, Tranquilisers etc. The only painless solution to an involuntary drug addiction...

2Reduce or Stop, Get Your Life Back...


Stress & PTSD Treatment
If you are suffering with Stress, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress then we can to help remove the painful thoughts and negative emotions...

moreHelp to improve thoughts and emotions...


Dementia Treatment
Help to improve mental & physical ability in early to mid-stage dementia...

moreHelp to improve cognitive & physical...


Fibromyalgia Treatment
If you are suffering with Fibromyalgia then we can help improve your quality of life and health...

moreHelp to improve physical & mental...


Arrange a Free Consultation
Confidential & Private Drug & Alcohol Consultation in central London or Greater Manchester...


Help to Stop
6 UK Treatment Centres

Stop Drinking - Ongoing Alcohol Support

Stop Cocaine Use - Stop Crack Use

Stop Drug Use - Opiate Detox

Prescribed Drug Detox - Reduce or Stop

PTSD & Stress Treatment

Alternative Rehab Option

Help to Stop and Regain Control

Complementary Therapy - No Side-Effects

Advanced Informational Medicine

11 Years - Proven Detox Process

Legally Checked & Verified Testimonials

Dorset Poole - Central London
Greater Manchester - N Yorkshire Bedale
North East Durham - Scotland Inverness


Individual experiences may vary as with any treatment method, per cents are compiled using the same standard as the NHS to monitor results and full client commitment is essential for the best results.

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